We’re delighted to have been featured by Eluxe Magazine, the world’s first ever magazine dedicated to sustainable luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyles.

Toiletries Amnesty aims to cut the amount of usable goods going to landfill or lingering in bathroom cupboards long past their expiry dates, and it has already been lauded for its efforts: in May 2018, they were awarded the Global X Foundation Grant in recognition of their great, waste-reducing work.’

‘We’ve all done it: bought a skin cream, used it for awhile, then stopped, realising it’s making us break out. Or maybe a new cosmetic, which looked great in the store, but once you try it at home, you realise that’s just not the right shad for you. Or maybe you’ve been gifted a perfume, which, after just one spray, you knew you’d never, ever wear. But now the problem of unwanted toiletries and cosmetics has been solved, thanks to a new website called Toiletries Amnesty.‘ writes Arwa Lodhi.

Read the full Eluxe article, ‘Toiletries Amnesty: Recycling Beauty Products for Those in Need’, here.


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