If you are a brand or organisation that would like to donate larger quantities of products, or would like to talk to us about how we can repurpose your returned items, surplus stock, or end of date products, please complete our short donor form, we’d love to help.

Toiletries Amnesty receives no government funding, and we provide our services for free to the organisations we support in ending hygiene poverty. Financial donations are vital in ensuring that we can continue the work we do. To support the administration of your donation, please be aware that there are associated costs. You can find more information in the form below.

Where a product can’t be used by the organisations we support (due to quantity, demand or suitability etc.) rather than dispose of it, we may use the products to fundraise. Any income from this will go straight back into providing support to organisations through Toiletries Amnesty.

Please be aware that we’re unable to accept medications, health supplements and vitamins, or weight loss products.


Corporate Donation Form
Our directory is free to use but can be time consuming if you’re donating large and bulk amounts of toiletries. If you’d like to donate larger amounts with ease, our team can assist with your donation. We have three options when it comes to financially supporting the work associated with your donation:
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB


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