How to donate

Do I send my toiletries to Toiletries Amnesty?

No, please don’t send them to us! Our goal is to help you find the nearest and best places to send your toiletries in your area. Please send them directly to the organisation(s) you choose.

I can’t find anywhere near me to donate to, what can I do? 

You can send them to another organisation in the directory, or you can help us grow the directory by finding somewhere in your local area through asking friends or doing an internet search, and letting them know about our services.

Do you take out of date products?

We would always prefer products that are in date, but it does often depend on the type of product.  Check with the organisation you’d like to donate to in order to see if they are able to accept these items – you can find their contact details by searching on our directory. If you are making a corporate donation and can verify the product, or the packaging is misprinted with the wrong date, please let us know.

Can I donate opened or part-used items?

Yes, you can! Part-used toiletries are items that you have used only a few times and remain mostly full or half-full. Please note that we can’t accept razors or toothbrushes that have been used.

Can I donate miniatures (travel-size products or hotel freebies), or only full-size toiletries?

Absolutely! These are great for everyone, and especially useful for homeless shelters and hostels where they can give them to individuals who can drop in for showers.

What items do organisations need?

You can see what items organisations need by visiting their listing on our directory. You’ll be able to see which items they accept, and which items they are especially in need of by viewing their listing.

What items should not be donated?

Please be aware that we’re unable to accept medications, health supplements and vitamins, or weight loss products.


Other ways of supporting

I don’t have any toiletries to donate. Can I donate financially?

Yes, please! You can donate via our PayPal or a direct BACs transfer using the details below!
Account: Toiletries Amnesty  Bank: Barclays
Account Number: 73083381 Sort Code: 20-17-20

I work for a company that makes or sells toiletries. How can we help?

Please drop us an email so we can have a chat and find out more. If you are a brand or organisation that would like to donate larger quantities of products, or would like to talk to us about how we can help repurpose your returned stock or surplus, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

I work for a company that would like to help, but we don’t make toiletries. How can I get involved?

We’d love to have you involved whatever industry you are from and you can support the vital work of Toiletries Amnesty. Please drop us an email so we can have a chat and find out more.


Organisation FAQs

Can I use your logo on my blog, website, products, etc.?

Please don’t use our logo, or state that we are partners without our consent.

I want to add an organisation to the directory. How do I do this?

If you’re an organisation you can register for an account. If you know of an organisation that you think should be included in the directory, let them know about the Toiletries Amnesty and help them get access to extra things that they need.

Can I register on behalf of an organisation?

If you know of an organisation that you think would benefit from being a member of our directory, please let them know about Toiletries Amnesty so that they can sign up! For many reasons, including data protection, we can only accept registrations directly from organisations.

Can I sign my organisation up and ask for items for prizes and giveaways?

No, that’s not what we’re here for. Toiletries Amnesty sets out to help share good things with people who need them and are living in hygiene poverty. We can’t help you with gift sets for your giveaway or offer you any items to sell, raffle or auction.

We’re getting too many toiletries. Can I hide my organisation from the directory for a while? 

Yes. You can do this by logging into your account, going to your member dashboard, selecting you listing and temporarily hiding it. When you’re reading to start accepting toiletries again, simply go back to the listing and select ‘show’!

I am part of an organisation that wants to be removed from the directory. How do we do this?

If you’d like to be removed permanently please speak to the person in your organisation who registered for the account and ask them first, if this is not possible please email us giving us your details and contact information, we’ll be in touch!



I’m struggling to afford toiletries, will you send me something?

We help provide toiletries to organisations and groups such as food banks, refuges, family centres, homeless shelters, NHS trusts and more. Unfortunately, we can’t provide toiletries to individuals, but if you are struggling, please use the directory to find your nearest organisation that may be able to offer support.

I’m a journalist and would like to interview you, is this possible? 

Of course! If you’d like to speak to us, please send us an email.

Can I join your mailing list?

We’d love to keep in touch and update you on our project. Just click here and add your details. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the link sent in all of our emails. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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Can you help keep the Toiletries Amnesty directory free to use?

We don’t charge organisations to list on our directory – toiletries and hygiene products are an essential daily need and we aim to provide free access to toiletries to as many people as we can.

Toiletries Amnesty is self-funded. We don’t receive any government funding or subsidies, but continue to support millions of people every year. 

Can you help us continue this vital work? 

Your contribution will make a huge difference, please donate if you can.