On International Women’s day 2018 X Jewellery announced the winner of its first ever X Foundation Grant. After calling for entries detailing philanthropic projects that women from around the world were working on, a winner was chosen from an overwhelming amount of worthy initiatives.

“X Foundation chose the Toiletries Amnesty for its identification and innovative reversal of what is a common household issue into a positive result for those in need. The initiative has the means to be a global vehicle for good and for the care of others less fortunate. To us, it is the epitome of what happens when a strong woman uses her energy to positively impact the lives of those around her and, in the process, invite many others to contribute as well. It is accessible, honourable and holds the potential for rapid growth to achieve good. This is exactly what we aimed to support through our X Foundation and we are glad to play a part in helping its introduction to the world in any way we can.

Kate Bowden, Global Marketing Manager X Foundation, Copenhagen

We knew that 2018 was the year we needed to put the Toiletries Amnesty out there on a bigger level. It’s, sadly, very much needed in the UK and abroad, and we need to make it work for as many people as possible. The support and recognition from the X Foundation is really significant for us – to be told what you are doing is worthy of support is a great encouragement, and the financial support has meant we’ve been able to develop a dedicated website so we can continue the growth of the Toiletries Amnesty into a global movement.

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