Shutter Hub is a photography organisation providing opportunities and support for creative photographers worldwide. They are dedicated to creating fair access to photography, making a positive impact within the industry and opening up opportunities for everyone.

In 2019,  in support of homelessness charities across the UK, Shutter Hub created an exhibition of photography called HOME at Gallery at Home in Monmouthshire, Wales. The 80 photographers featured in the exhibition donated images which were exhibited, printed and sold to raise funds for Toiletries Amnesty, Crisis, and Shelter Cymru, and helped more people get the chance to know what home really feels like. 

The exhibition opened with a launch event on 05 October 2019, where guests and photographers gathered together to experience the exhibition. Sales of prints both at the gallery and online raised a total of  £1288.25, which was divided equally between the charities supported by the exhibition.

The exhibition was featured in BE KIND magazine, you can read the article here to find out more.



At Toiletries Amnesty we team up with artists and makers to create limited edition good things – raising awareness and funds for our work, whilst connecting audiences with new designers and creative projects. Got an idea for a Creative Collaboration and want to get involved? Drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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