“With incomes lost or stretched to breaking, and job uncertainty at what feels like an all-time high, we’ve all become accustomed to watching our pennies. But while the impact of reduced spending comes with some positives – anyone shedding a tear over slowing consumption? – for charities, it has been a treacherous time, with small organisations the most grossly impacted. While non-profits who act as major employers have been offered similar support to businesses, for smaller charities who rely on volunteers and piecemeal donations to run, times are trickier,” writes Jennifer Crichton, Editor of The Flock.

The article, which is well worth five minutes of your time, features five incredible woman-run organisations – Refuweegee, Molly Olly’s Wishes, Flow Aid, The Lewis Foundation and Toiletries Amnesty. 

“Toiletries Amnesty has been particularly busy over the last few months, as coronavirus has meant that the charities and community organisations we work with have faced increasing demand whilst having reduced funding and fundraising opportunities themselves. The stockpiling seen in supermarkets and shops at the start of lockdown also added to the pressure, as it became harder for people in poverty to afford the increasingly rare toiletries on sale, and some shops even put their prices up. Meanwhile, most of us have items in our bathroom cabinets or make-up bags that have gone unused and could be put to good use,” said Polly Allen, Toiletries Amnesty.

The full article can be found here: https://flockmag.com/five-women-run-charities-that-need-your-help-now/ and very kindly it even includes links to our GoFundMe page and Louise Stebbing’s fundraising print sale for Toiletries Amnesty.

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