Custom Tote Bags

To celebrate Happiness Month, award-winning designer Diana Rikasari has created a series of unique, custom tote bags exclusively for Toiletries Amnesty! Crafted from upcycled materials, the bags feature bright, bold imagery and nostalgic pop culture references to the 1990s and 2000s.

Diana Rikasari is an award-winning blogger and fashion designer from Indonesia. She is also a renowned book author focusing on the topic of ‘mindfulness’. Her inspirations are derived from life and her surroundings where she tends to inject humour and wit in her deliverables to create a fun, memorable and most importantly, meaningful piece of work.

“I genuinely love what Toiletries Amnesty is doing and to be a part of it really makes me happy. It’s always great when fashion and art can contribute to the society and community in any way possible.”

Diana Rikasari

To celebrate Earth Day, Diana released a collection of bold and colourful one-of-a-kind pieces with Urban Outfitters under their Urban Renewal brand, to great reception, with garments close to selling out within a few weeks of release! The collection is made up entirely of sustainably sourced clothing that has been recycled and reimagined using vintage shirts, jackets and patches.

Either through her fashion designs or writings, Diana always tries to embed a message hoping that they can move and inspire others to do good and feel good. Never shy of colours, Diana’s works carry a fun and youthful spirit while also emphasising on sustainability and ethical values. Her core fashion work revolves around recycling, upcycling and reimagining old and secondhand materials, turning waste into wearable fun.


100% of proceeds from this exclusive collection will go towards our work here at Toiletries Amnesty, supporting more than 450 charities and good causes, including food banks, homeless shelters and hostels, women’s shelters and refuges, and NHS trusts. Toiletries Amnesty receives no government funding, so financial support for our vital work is essential, whether that be through fundraising events, exclusive product launches, or financial support from individuals and businesses.

The one-of-a-kind tote bags are a chance to support people living in hygiene poverty, and are available through our Toiletries Amnesty shop, in a limited run of 7 (£45 + P&P).

Like what you see? These wonderful, one-of-a-kind bags are available to purchase from our shop!

At Toiletries Amnesty we team up with artists and makers to create limited edition good things – raising awareness and funds for our work, whilst connecting audiences with new designers and creative projects. Got an idea for a Creative Collaboration and want to get involved? Drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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