On International Women Day, Grace announced their 6 Women of the Year 2023 and we’re pleased to see Toiletries Amnesty’s Karen Harvey inclusion on this list of inspirational women!

Jacqui Merrington, Discovery Director for Grace said ‘our judging panel loved the nomination – it really captured how Karen’s fighting for other women and inspiring others’

Karen founded the UK’s first initiative against hygiene poverty in 2014, long before other hygiene banks began, when she created Toiletries Amnesty (that’s us!) as a way of donating unwanted excess toiletries to community groups and charities supporting people in hygiene poverty. Starting with one homeless shelter in Cambridge, Toiletries Amnesty now supports over 3 million people around the world!

Karen does this work on a voluntary basis. “I think there are thousands of people like me, head down working as hard as we can to make a positive change, and it’s really lovely to look up and see that someone else has recognised what you’re doing and sees value in it. It really is such a lovely surprise to be nominated, thank you for caring about the work we do at Toiletries Amnesty, and thank you too, to all the wonderful people who support our work around the world. It means a lot.”


Would you like to help more people out of hygiene poverty? Donate toiletries here, support our work financially here, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter – you can get all our good news here. 

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