Toiletries Amnesty has been featured in The Times‘ article ‘Old Lipsticks and bras wanted! 15 new ways to recycle your clutter’.

“Unless you’re firmly of the soap-and-water brigade, it’s impossible not to accumulate products that don’t quite hit the spot. Most charity shops will only accept unopened cosmetics, as does the Beauty Banks network, which distributes unused items to those in need, but that’s no use to those of us who actually try everything we buy. The brilliant Toiletries Amnesty connects those with spare cosmetics (opened or not) with those who need it most – homeless shelters, hospices, refugee services. I visit and find a homeless shelter in Brighton, 25 miles from me, where I’m soon going for work. They say they’re looking for, among many other things, deodorants, moisturisers and shampoos (which I have in abundance) and don’t mind if they’re partially used.” writes Fleur Britten for the Times.


If you missed Fleur’s tips for where you can donate all the stuff that’s cluttering up your space in print, it’s available to view online:


And if you can spare a few pounds to help support our work, please donate here. Thank you. 

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