At Toiletries Amnesty, we work to create a movement of kindness, sharing, and community. That’s why we’ve started the Broken Jewellery Project. By taking broken and unwanted jewellery and beads, we give them a new lease of life as beautiful bracelets, transforming them into something new and unique.​

Things that are damaged or a broken aren’t rubbish, they just need a bit of work and a helping hand to make them into something even better. Just as the Japanese mend pottery with gold (Kintsugi), putting something back together can make it more beautiful, powerful, and inspirational.

These bracelets have been made by the people we support through our work at Toiletries Amnesty. Proceeds from the sale of these bracelets will go straight back into supporting those in need, so the cycle of kindness continues.

With a little bit of love and care, broken things can be made better.


Have you got some broken or unwanted jewellery of your own? Would you like to donate them to our project? Thank you! 

You can send them to: Toiletries Amnesty, Foxley Lodge, New Bridge, Upwell, PE14 9DW, UK


Our first collection of hand-made one-of-a-kind bracelets have been made by Feathers Futures, an organisation in Great Yarmouth providing support to women in their local community.

‘The ladies involved in making the bracelets were keen to be part of the project as they had used our toiletries bank and wanted to give something back. They know that many of our donations come via Toiletries Amnesty and know the difference having toiletries and sanitary products makes to their well-being. The group met up each week, none had made jewellery before, so they supported each other to create the bracelets from the recycled beads.’

 Jo Critch, Manager of Feathers Futures

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Toiletries Amnesty is self-funded. We don’t receive any government funding or subsidies, but continue to support millions of people every year. 

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