Feelunique, Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer, has selected Toiletries Amnesty as its charity partner.

The partnership will see Feelunique engaging in various initiatives over the next 12 months to raise funds for Toiletries Amnesty, supporting with products as well raising awareness around hygiene poverty. Feelunique has pledged to raise £30,000 to help increase Toiletries Amnesty’s directory to 500 organisations, improve logistics and tracking systems and extend their geographical reach.

‘I’m enormously proud to announce this partnership with Toiletries Amnesty, a charity we believe that is doing such important work; not only are they tackling hygiene poverty and beauty waste, but they’re also breaking the social stigma around access to personal care products. The power of simple items like shampoo or deodorant can often be taken for granted, but we know they make a huge difference to our physical health as well as our mental wellbeing and self-esteem. With Feelunique’s wide-reaching online community, we’ll be able to support with product donations, vital fundraising and building awareness, as well as connecting communities and individuals who want to help others.’

Sarah Miles, CEO of Feelunique

‘Teaming up with Feelunique is not only exciting because of the much-needed support through products, publicity and financial donations, but because we feel that they are 100 per cent genuine in their approach to levelling things up, treating people fairly and keeping environmental and social issues at the forefront of the way they do business. When Toiletries Amnesty began over six years ago, we had no real idea of how it would grow, we just knew it had to. We wanted to help get unwanted products to the people who could use them, and to make sure this was done in a kind and community-led way. This partnership comes at a time when demand on our services is at its highest, and set to grow even more, but we’re confident that together we’ll be able to make an even more positive impact for those who need us most, for communities and for the environment’.

Karen Harvey, Founder of Toiletries Amnesty

Founded in 2005, Feelunique has grown to become Europe’s leading online premium beauty retailer with a choice of more than 30,000 products from 500 brands across makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance and electricals. They are a global retailer, shipping to over 120 countries worldwide, with dedicated websites in the UK, France, Germany, Norway, China, EU and the US. 

Award-winning and one of the fastest-growing beauty websites in the world, Feelunique has a rapidly growing beauty community of more than 3 million followers and consumers, and with their innovative use of technology, they are changing the way customers experience buying beauty products online.

Find out more about this partnership and how you can get involved here.

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