We really hope you are well and things are good for you. It’s a tough time for everyone right now, and while we can’t do everything, we are trying to do good things, and they all add up, no matter how small they are.

We had a difficult start to the year where a lot of our focus was on dealing with a matter of fraud. We work hard to keep Toiletries Amnesty going, we’re volunteers doing the work at our own cost, so it was upsetting to see someone using our name, and hard-earned trust, for their own personal gain.

The situation is all sorted now, and although it was a drain on us, it was also a learning curve. Since then we’ve seen another company using our name to try to gain them sales, and we’ve dealt with it swiftly.

We don’t want to put anyone off fundraising or working with us at Toiletries Amnesty, but we take our responsibilities seriously, so we will only work with companies we think are worth teaming up with, and we will always champion and support individuals who are kind enough to raise funds to keep us going.

And keep going we will.

Right now, the demand on our services is huge. We’ve be inundated with requests, and while our usual everyday work has very much dwindled, the need for our voluntary work has grown significantly.

We’re trying to keep the balance, we’re working hard to keep things going, but right now, if you can, please do consider making a financial donation to Toiletries Amnesty so we can carry on doing vital work.

We are helping homeless shelters, food banks, NHS trust services, refugee support groups and many other organisations who really need us right now.

Just this past week we helped deliver tens of thousands of items including soap, hand sanitiser, 2000 tubes of tooth paste, and even 15,000 lip glosses.

We can’t do it without you, and that’s the truth.

If you can donate, fundraise, or spread the word about our work, we’d be really grateful.

You can find out more here https://www.toiletriesamnesty.org/donate/ but please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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