Toiletries Amnesty founder Karen Harvey has joined the British Beauty Council’s new Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) advisory board.  

The British Beauty Council launched the SBC in a bid to help give today’s consumers what they want; environmentally friendly beauty products and practices. 

How did the SBC come about? 

The British Beauty Council commissioned an independent sustainability report* to analyse the beauty industry. Called Courage to Change, the report lays out a vision of how we can move forward together to create an industry which nurtures our planet.  

 The culmination of this report was the launch of the SBC, whose aim is to champion sustainability best practice and industry collaboration. 

 Millie Kendall MBE, chief executive of the British Beauty Council, says: “It was very clear to us from the Courage to Change report that consumers want the beauty industry to do better – and they expect us to do better. We have an array of British talent who are very innovative in the sustainable area, but to make real tangible change, the industry must come together and collaborate. This is key and it’s why we have formed the Sustainable Beauty Coalition.” 

How is Toiletries Amnesty involved? 

The SBC is supported by an extensive advisory panel of industry experts, representatives, and brand owners, including Toiletries Amnesty founder Karen Harvey. Toiletries Amnesty is 

a charitable organisation working to end hygiene poverty and beauty industry waste, supporting hundreds of thousands of people every year across the UK and beyond, whilst diverting thousands of tonnes of toiletries from landfill. 

 Karen’s role will be to help make it easier for beauty brands to pass on their excess stock and returns. She says: “We believe it shouldn’t be difficult for brands to do something good for the environment and for society. We work with companies all over the world, creating positive and practical solutions for the problems they have around waste and sustainability, whilst connecting them with communities and consumers who want to see a change for good.” 

 Feeling inspired? Supporting the incredible work of Toiletries Amnesty helps to divert unwanted toiletries from landfill to those who really need them. Find out how to make your actions make a difference. 



*Researched and written by social impact consultancy Junxion Strategy and published in November 2020, the report included a survey of 3,000 UK consumers by environmental charity Hubbub. The report found that one in seven consumers wanted to buy an environmentally friendly beauty product and that 88% of people want brands to use less packaging and display clearer information on how to recycle products.  

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