We’re here to say thank you!

We’re really grateful for the support and kindness of all of you – for sharing our tweets, for  spreading the word, for gathering toiletries to donate to local organisations, for the sponsorship you gave us when Adam, Anouck, Dominique and Karen took part in the CEO Sleepout, and for those of you who are organising fundraisers and collections this winter. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

If you’re interested in supporting Toiletries Amnesty please get in touch, if you’ve got any questions about a fundraising event you’ve seen – please get in touch. If you want to donate financially to Toiletries Amnesty please do it directly. We believe that people are inherently good, but there are scammers out there setting up ‘charity’ paypal accounts and claiming to be affiliated with charitable organisations. Please don’t let these people take advantage of your kindness.

So, with Christmas (sorry) coming up, and the new year to follow, we’d love to get your involved with Toiletries Amnesty and ensure we can keep supporting those who need us, for as long as they need us.

Can you help? We need you!

Could you fundraise in your office, college or community group? Mince pies time is just around the corner, could you arrange a little get together at work and ask people to donate a few pounds, and/or bring spare toiletries to donate too?

Could you nominate Toiletries Amnesty for your works charity fund?

Can you get the word out to friends and colleagues and let them know – there are people out there who’d really appreciate those bubble bath gift sets they’ve been stashing away every year! There’s a home for everything (not just toiletries either!)

Would you nominate Toiletries Amnesty for ‘Community Matters’ at your local Waitrose store? It takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the form at Customer Services, and could help make a big difference in your local area. Each month every Waitrose & Partners branch donates £1,000 between 3 local good causes chosen by their customers through the instore Community Matters scheme. If we can help you fill out the form, please get in touch!

Maybe instead of sending Christmas cards you’d like to make a donation that can change lives instead?

Could you help spread the Toiletries Amnesty word on social media?

And, perhaps we could be part of your New Years resolutions! (Is that going too far, too soon?!)

We’re open to suggestions and we’d love to hear from you!

Toiletries Amnesty receives no external funding and is run solely by volunteers. It’s important that we all keep working together to help end hygiene poverty, and we’re hugely grateful for anything you can do to help.

Thank you again, for reading this, for following and being part of our journey, and for supporting and getting involved – we couldn’t do it without you,

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