On 12 July 2022, Toiletries Amnesty Founder and Director, Karen Harvey will be speaking to guests of East Anglian Women in Business about circular economic thinking, developing communities and building sustainability into business.

One of the key aims at Toiletries Amnesty is to work with companies all over the world to help them find practical solutions for the problems they have around waste and sustainability. We encourage businesses to consider how they can become more sustainable and environmentally-conscious in their practices using circular economy practices, while supporting their local communities at the same time through donations of waste products to charitable organisations in need. 

We’re pleased to be able to speak to the members of East Anglian Women in Business to discuss how they can bring these ideas into their businesses. East Anglian Women In Business is a local forum where women can meet, interact and support each other in developing their business and careers. 

For more information contact team@toiletriesamnesty

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