In 2020 we TEAMED UP with Shower Blocks, a newcomer in the toiletries world, making solid shower gel bars ethically and sustainably in the UK. 

Shower Blocks was the first company to join our 1% for Hygiene Poverty campaign and continues to donate one percent of their gross annual profits to Toiletries Amnesty. 

For every Shower Blocks bar sold, the brand also pledged to donate a bar to Toiletries Amnesty – this means the organisations in our directory, including homeless shelters and hostels, food banks, refuges, mental health services, NHS trusts, and hospices, will be able to distribute bars to the people they help.

“When I started Shower Blocks I wanted to build giving back into the business…. I discovered Toiletries Amnesty who support numerous charities all over the country with spare products and I knew that I wanted to work with them to support them in their cause. We look forward to doing more and more with them as we grow.”

Neil Whippey, founder of Shower Blocks

Shower Blocks are a UK-based company taking on plastic waste in the hygiene industry by creating 100% plastic free solid shower gel bars.

  • Shower gel might seem like a small thing, but it really matters. On average, a person in the UK uses 10-14 bottles of shower gel per year; that’s a lot of plastic (typically single-use plastic, too), which we want to cut down on. It’s also a lot of money for people living in hygiene poverty. Many organisations in our directory ask for shower gel, and this fits their requirements whilst being eco-friendly.
  • When talking about products that make showering easier for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, several readers of The Mighty recommended solid shower gel or shampoo. There’s no lid involved, no squeezing action, and the product weighs less overall.
This partnership is a great example of how brands can support the vital work of Toiletries Amnesty and make a difference in the community in a meaningful and impactful way.

Inspired? If your business is interested in becoming a supporter of Toiletries Amnesty, please do get in touch by emailing us!

We’re always looking to work with kind people to make a difference in the lives of those who need our help!

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