Believe Trust Strive CIC are a community interest company based in Greater Manchester who provide support to migrant communities, vulnerable women and people with mental health concerns who find themselves in poverty. They aim to teach services users new skills and how to reach realistic goals to help them progress onto new opportunities.

“Donations make an amazing difference! Being clean is a ‘feeling’ and we want all of our beneficiaries to feel special, clean, refreshed and more confident in their appearance.” 

Jacqui Booth, Believe Trust Strive CIC

  • Their CIC is volunteer-led by individuals who themselves have faced challenges and barriers and wish to use their experience to help others.
  • Currently supporting around 200 families experiencing poverty, Believe Trust Strive are providing them with packs of essential toiletries. They also host Empower and Beauty Workshops for the vulnerable women they support, where donations of cosmetics and skincare products are used to provide a moment of relaxation and luxury during a difficult time.
  • Since registering with the Toiletries Amnesty directory, they receive aroud 20-30 donations per month from individuals, as well as large donations from our corporate donors. 

To find out more about Believe Trust Strive CIC and how you can support them, please visit their website. To find an organisation local to you that will accept your toiletries (new or used!), be sure to take a look at our directory

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