Over one million girls in Kenya miss an average of four school days a month 
due to a lack of access to feminine hygiene products during their periods. 
we’re going to do something about it.

Through fundraising and donation efforts we’re supporting Universal Lighthouse (ULH) in the mission to provide 1000 girls in Kenya with much needed menstrual products and toiletries over the course of 12 months to help them continue their education uninterrupted by missed days caused by period poverty.

ULH is a community based organisation based in Kisumu, Kenya promoting gender equality, education, human rights and entrepreneurial skills among young women and girls from disadvantaged families, supporting them in their journey to independence: 

“WE’re committed towards a community where women and girls have access to all basic rights and freedom. This campaign will greatly reduce the stigma and challenges which surrounds female menstruation – building a better community where girls and women stay fully engaged in school and their various fields, chase their dreams and walk the path towards their brightest future.”

Emmilly Akech, Universal Lighthouse

Not only are girls missing school due to period poverty, but they’re also being coerced into relationships with older men to gain access to the sanitary products that will enable them to go to classes during their period – leading to exploitation and unplanned pregnancies that force them to drop out of education all together. 

“Period poverty, among other related challenges has led many girls dropping out of schools due to unplanned pregnancies. I want to thank Toiletries Amnesty for this initiative and I believe the program will ensure that women and girls are not exploited and also excluded from public spaces because of their menstrual cycle.”

Silvia from Kisumi, Western Kenya

We can’t let this go on. Here’s how you can help: 

Financial donations will help us provide essential self-care products for girls like Silvia in Kisumu, Western Kenya. If you’re able to provide support, please donate what you can via our Paypal using the button below. 

Do you work for or know a company that could help us by donating sanitary products or hygiene essentials? Perhaps you can’t provide products, but would still like to get involved – financial donations are essential in helping us purchase additional products and support the cost of shipping. 

Please get in touch via email to chat with us: team@toiletriesamnesty.org 

Every donation, however big or small, makes a huge difference. Thank you.

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