To celebrate four years in business, Salon@ organised a fundraising evening of drinks and canapés, workshops and beauty tutorials, raising an amazing £1134.11 through ticketS & donations.

“We believe everyone should be able to feel good, no matter their circumstances… With that in mind, we wANT to spread the ‘good feeling’ to those who are less fortunate. We work with cosmetics and toiletries all day, every day and WE understand how these things can have an impact on how we feel, our confidence and overall wellbeing. Some people aren’t able to access basic and essential toiletries, let alone luxury, ‘nice to have’, items.”

Lilian L’Amour, Salon Manager 

Fundraising events really make a lot of difference, not just in helping financially support the work of Toiletries Amnesty, but in spreading the word about what we do, and how prevalent (and unnecessary) hygiene poverty is in our communities.
  • On the evening of the event the Salon@ team collected over 150 items which were donated by guests, and in the following six months they’ve collected and donated over 800 products, all of which have been passed on to local community groups and organisations in Cambridgeshire.
  • Not only has Salon@ become a collection point for toiletries, which are then donated to local groups, but they’ve pledged to take their hairdressing skills on the road and offer free services to local Toiletries Amnesty directory members.
  • The event was featured in Eastern Daily Press and Salon@ Manager, Lilian L’Amour was interviewed on That’s TV East – showcasing Salon@ as a go-to business in the local community, and raising awareness of hygiene poverty and the vital work of Toiletries Amnesty.
“Poverty in the UK is set to get worse, with people not being able to afford heating or electricity, and needing to use foodbanks more than ever, essential hygiene products like soap and toothpaste just become too unaffordable. The knock-on effect is huge, not just on physical health, but on mental wellbeing too. We are really grateful to Salon@ for helping make a difference to their local communities. After such a difficult time for the beauty industry it’s really heart-warming to see people wanting to reach out and show kindness and care for others.”

Karen Harvey, Toiletries Amnesty

Inspired by Salon@ and want to host your own fundraiser in aid of Toiletries Amnesty? 

Get in touch with us at We can all do something, and that’s a wonderful thing!

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