St. Augustine’s Centre are a refugee support organisation offering a warm and safe space to those seeking support and sanctuary. They support those in need with welfare, housing, access to health services and more. 

“Makeup and bras are a part of everyday life for women, you don’t feel ready to go out in the world without them. But no one remembers to help us with these things. It makes me feel so emotional today – I can feel like a woman again.”
“We as a group of women just want to say thank you for sharing these makeup kits with us. It really lifts our mood as we all know makeup is a woman’s best friend.”

Service Users, St Augustine’s Halifax

  • St Augustine’s opened in 1968 as a Church playgroup, and has grown over the decades.
  • Now a registered charity, they have 12 staff and over 140 volunteers.
  • They support a community of over 650 individuals and families from over 57 countries.

Through donations of toiletries and hygiene essentials, Toiletries Amnesty has been able to support several of the community events St. Augustine’s hosts. One of these events, a bra-fitting for women seeking asylum where toiletries and make-up sets were given out, was supported with donations of cosmetics and sanitary products. 

To find out more about St. Augustine’s Centre Halifax and how you can support them, please visit their website. To find an organisation local to you that will accept your toiletries (new or used!), be sure to take a look at our directory

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