We’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Marie Claire for our new campaign #15ForHygiene which will help to support the vital work we do providing access to toiletries and hygiene essentials for the millions of people living in hygiene poverty across the UK and around the world. Approximately 14.5 million people in the UK live in poverty and have to regularly choose between heating, eating, and purchasing toiletries.

By donating just £15, you can help us provide access to hygiene essentials to one of these individuals for a whole year!

Not only will you be helping to support those in need, but will be making the planet that bit greener, making a significant dent in the number of beauty products that end up in landfill and incineration plants by redirecting them to the people who need them. Of the £10 billion worth of beauty products sold in the UK in 2021, 20-40% of these ended up as waste, thrown into landfill or incinerated.

Want to get involved? It’s really easy!

We receive no government funding and Toiletries Amnesty can only continue with the kindness of our supporters making financial donations like yours. By donating, you’re helping us support millions of people, and that’s pretty amazing! Thank you.



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