John Frieda donate over £2000 worth of hair care products to Toiletries Amnesty

Over £2000 of hair care products have been delivered directly to Toiletries Amnesty directory member Aspire Wrestling Alliance from John Frieda. Aspire Wrestling Alliance is one of 10 food banks within The Food4Thought Alliance. The products provided from John Frieda will be distributed through the network as well as connecting other organisations in the city that can benefit from the donation too.

Aspire Wrestling Alliance are a Community Centre based in Derby with the goal of helping those with mental health with physical activities such as professional wrestling. They also run a community cafe and operate a food bank to those in need in the local area. Their work during Covid has been a lifeline for many of their users; providing food and toiletries deliveries, and much needed outreach work within the community.

Aspire’s Founder Rob Shade, told us that whilst at the peak of lockdown the community centre itself had closed to the public, the increased demand for all their services has rocketed. Pre Covid, the centre was providing food and toiletries parcels to 20 people on average a week. At the peak of lockdown the figure for the Derby network reached 500 a week and has now settled to an average of 270 people a week.


Due to the huge increase of users, the project has evolved over the last 6 months. What was once ran in St Mark’s community centre, has now extended into the Church building itself. The Diocese have kindly given permission so that Aspire have full use of all the Church spaces. With this extra space, the Church will now be turned into a community shop, so eventually people attending the food bank will be able to pick what they need rather than being handed a parcel with some products that may not be suitable to their diet. The goal is also to run cooking classes too, to allow people to learn skills and cook budget friendly meals.

If you are a company and would like to donate please get in touch. We support homeless shelters, food banks, NHS trust services, refugee support groups and many other organisations who really need our help right now.