We’re putting the fun into fundraising! We’re encouraging individuals, communities and companies to get involved in making a difference, however big or small, to raise money to help us continue our vital work providing access to toiletries and hygiene essentials to over 500 charitable organisations worldwide. 

The idea is simple. By choosing your activity and fundraising for Toiletries Amnesty, you’ll be doing a little bit of good for yourself, your community, and for those living in hygiene poverty. Every donation, however small, makes a real difference to those in need.

why should you get involved?

We all know that life is getting harder for everyone, and in the last year alone, Toiletries Amnesty has supported over 2.95 million people living in hygiene poverty. We’ve had a positive environmental impact too, diverting hundreds of tonnes of waste away from landfill – but we can’t do it without the help of kind people. 

By completing your #15forHygiene, you’ll be helping us make life a little easier for those in need by providing access to the essentials that people need every day but can feel out of reach – shampoo, toothpaste, soap and sanitary products to name just a few. 

How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply choose your #15forHygiene challenge and start fundraising. Every penny you raise goes towards helping us end hygiene poverty. 

Choose your #15forHygiene

There are loads of ways you can show your support in 15, we’d love for you to come up with kind and fun (the more unusual the better!) things to do that benefit your community at the same time as  raising vital funds. 

Here are some fundraising ideas (but we’d love to hear your own!): 

  • Groom 15 cats or dogs (or llamas!)
  • Sell 15 things on Depop and donate your proceeds
  • Give up your shop bought coffee for 15 days and donate the money you save. You’d be surprised how much it all adds up!
  • Bake 15 cakes and hold a bake sale
  • Get the family together and wash 15 cars
  • Do something for 15 hours straight (sing, walk, anything you like!)
  • And the easiest option of all… donate £15!

How DO i get involved?

Drop us an email with and let us know about your plans, we’d love to hear your ideas and support you on your fundraising mission!

And once you’ve completed your challenge – let us know how it went and how much you raised so that we can thank you!

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